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nordjotunheim's Journal

the fader of music, the mutter of creation
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This is A community dedicated to the heavier side of life, I created it first and foremost to unite those who have been broken, and to promote music nationalism in my area, you know an overwhelming pride that gives you that warm feeling in the morning.

A list of things

1.make A intro post, name, location, musical prefrences, favorite bands, if they play in an band, or if they know any local bands,(if so post some links for us fools)

2.One can not say a type of music or a band sucks simply because he/she does not like it, they must support the statement with valid facts.

3.this is first and foremost a promoting community for bands local,and signed so feel free, in fact feel forced to advertise some bands, especially local bands they need all the help they can get, dont simply say "thay rawk" support why they are good, and make sure to give links

4.About once A week I will give out a band of the week maybe depending on what I am recommended by others in the community or maybe simply just something I thought deserves A very deep promotion.

5.Art, lyrics, poems, stories are very much welcomed, this is a music community creativiy is promoted anything to get away from cookie cutter music of the radio. But please put it under A link

6.Do not tell someone that what they posted sucks give them constructive criticsm or explain deeply and passionatly why it sucks a trolls grott.