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the fader of music, the mutter of creation's Journal
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Date:2005-07-20 20:15

Everyone who has mysapce please add this heavy Metal band and possibly if you know anyone who wants to try out hook us up with info.


with just two members left can not describe the sound, but we aim for a blend of folk metal and power metal with some melodic death influences and we are open to any other influences from anyone who joins.

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Date:2005-05-30 20:25

Is this community dead?

Or is it simply supposed to be this quiet over here?

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Date:2005-05-08 19:23


I found this community by browsing through my interests list and decided to join since it seemed to have some potential... I see there aren't that many members yet but it doesn't mean this place isn't worth joining, at least for now, so I'm staying.

But anyways, that's enough with the nonsense... Now I guess I have to introduce myself somehow. Well I'm a 19 years old girl from Finland [call me Freyja] and I don't really have a life except during the weekends when I go to Whiskey with my friends [we always hang out there, it's the only bar where the metal listening people hang out here in Turku]. We also go to all the gigs whenever we are fortunate enough to have some bands coming here... Most of the time the bands are local or not so well known from other cities. Next Saturday we are going to see Finntroll [my third time!] with Torture Killer and Hellbox. Latter ones are local, Torture Killer is fucking awesome. You should all check them out right away if you're into brutal death metal... Go to their website where you can download 3 songs from their debut album [which totally kills!]. Lately I've been listening to death metal a lot but I'm also much into black and some folk metal. My favorite bands at the moment are Amoral, Moonsorrow, Torture Killer, Ensiferum, Sentenced, Immortal, Finntroll, Susperia, Opeth, Bloodbath... etc. etc. I'm somewhat open minded about the music I listen to but it has to stay in the heavier side.

If you want recommendations to some local bands I'll be more than happy to introduce you some...

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Date:2004-09-05 03:50

Hey everyone, my name is Kristof (or Ryojikopff). I live in Oregon. I'm 17 years old, my favorite bands are Moonsorrow, Finntroll, Opeth, Dimmu Borgir, Immortal, Nargaroth, Gorgoroth, Zaugurim, Of the Wand and the Moon, Dark Funeral, Burzum. I like most metal, some dark wave...I guess I'll start uploading some of my art when I get a scanner to do so.

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Date:2004-08-17 19:14

From savagetheater
SAVATAGE mastermind Jon Oliva has changed the name of his solo project to JON OLIVA'S PAIN from the previously announced 'TAGE MAHAL. The name change came about because the group's management realized that there is an established blues artist in Europe who has been using a similar name for decades.

JON OLIVA'S PAIN's debut album, entitled "'Tage Mahal", is scheduled for release on October 25 in Europe and October 26 in the U.S. through SPV Records. SPV has "expressed incredible enthusiasm for this release after listening to the final master a few weeks ago," according to a press release. Final artwork and packaging is being completed, with a massive promotional campaign to begin shortly. An extensive U.S. and European tour will follow soon after. "'Tage Mahal" is the first installment of a three-part series, to be followed by a box set release which will include all three releases, a live DVD, along with live and studio outtakes from both the recording sessions and the tours to follow.

JON OLIVA'S PAIN will debut the new material live at the sold-out ProgPower V metal festival in Atlanta, Georgia on September 16. Also scheduled for that night is an exclusive performance by past and present SAVATAGE members.

Check out www.jonoliva.net for updates and further information.

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